AMENDMENT 22 TO THE 1997 LIST (AL 22/97)


Definitive List. The definitive BGA list including the latest updates and any `Stop Press' items can be accessed through a link from the BGA web site:

Pilot are strongly advised to use the most up-to-date BGA List of Waypoints and not to rely on previous versions.

The list is held at: and can be accessed directly through this web reference.

Responsibilities. The BGA has prepared this data in good faith but takes no responsibility for its accuracy or how it is used, for instance use by pilots in airborne navigation systems. Users are advised to check such data, in particular for proximity to other air activities or areas with airspace restrictions.

Airspace. Points with airspace considerations are identified by the symbols hash (#) and exclamation mark (!). A single hash # warns of proximity to restricted or sensitive airspace (mentioned in the Remarks column), and in Competitions or other Organised Task Groups, task setters should use these points with care.

Points with a double hash ## are particularly sensitive and should only be used if the organisation responsible for the airspace has agreed that the point may be used for the flight; this includes some BGA club sites and nearbyWPs used for starts and finishes.

The exclamation mark symbol (!) is for WPs that are assessed by the BGA Competitions Committee as not suitable for use in Competitions or by other Organised Task Groups. In the complete WP table in Excel format, WPs with #. ## and ! Symbols are in red letters, those with ! have a light pink cell background, so that the Excel "sort" function can be used to separate out these points if required.

Note that these designations are intended to avoid forcing groups of gliders into high-risk / sensitive areas - and so when setting AATs or Distance Handicap Tasks which would not result in a particular concentration of gliders at the actual TP, it could still be reasonable to use these waypoints for organised task groups.


Important factual changes including corrections or changes of grid refs and deletion of points that should no longer be used.

Carsington Water CWR Delete Waypoint by request. Replaced by more visible Waypoint CWV(see Part 3).
Lasham Golden Pot LA8 Delete Waypoint. Used as Control Point when using Finish Line, but not suitable for Finish Ring. Replaced by new point LA9 (see Part 3)
Lee-on-solent LEE Delete Waypoint. No longer a Gliding Site but Solent Regional Airport.
Tetbury TET Delete Waypoint, now in R105. New Waypoints TBN, TBS & TBW provide alternatives.


This is where descriptions, road numbers or layouts have changed, where heights are corrected, there are changes to # , ##, or ! symbols, or small changes to co-ordinates now that improvements in digital mapping accuracy allow more accurate co-ordinates to be determined.

Booker Finish SW BF1 Change Category to B##
Booker Finish NW BF2 Change Category to D##
Long Marston LMA Change Category to D (no #). Change description to: Intersection of runways, N of airfield centre. Airfield under redevelopment for housing so Point may not always be visible.
Thame Rail Bridge THM Change Description to: A418/Rail Bridge. NW of Haddenham, 2nm NE of Thame.
Leominster NW LMW Remove ! from Category.
Shobdon SHO Remove reference to Parachuting, no longer active at Shobdon. Remove ! from Category.
Shobdon NW SH2 Remove ! from Category.
Grantown S GTS Rename as Nethybridge NTB
Grantown NE GNE Rename as Cromdale Spey Bridge CDB
Grantown SW GWS Rename as Dulnain Bridge DUB
Charlestown of Aberlour COA Rename as Aberlour ALR
Charlestown NE CTN Rename as Craigellachie CGI
Rothes NE ROE Rename as Boat O'Brig BBG
Coldingham COH Change of Road Numbers. Replace Exact Point with "A1107/B6438". Replace Description with "South-Westerly of two T junctions in village. 2NMl SW of St Abbs Head"
Aboyne Bridge AB1 Change of Road Numbers. Replace Description with "S side of village where B968 crosses R. Dee, 2NMl E of airfield, under CTA base 3000"
Abington ABI Update Description to "A702 Flyover over M74 at J13 (Abington Services). N side of village 10 NMl SSE of Lanark".
Refine Lat/Long to 55 30.206N 003 41.746W and Grid Ref to 29299 62460.
Abergele South AGS Changed Road Number. Change Exact Point to "A548/B5381"


Name of Point




Detailed Description & Remarks

Dist (NMl)


From Centre of

Grid Ref
Km E/N

WGS84 Lat/Long
Deg/Min/Dec Min



Bockleton BKN D Church Tower Church Tower in Hamlet. 10km East of Leominster, 7km S of Tenbury Wells. 12 N Hereford 35929 26143 52 14.970N 002 35.862W 719 BKN
Coldwaltham CDW B Road/Rail Bridge Rail/A29 Bridge just NE of Coldwaltham Village. 3km SW of Pullborough. 17 WNW Brighton 50308 11706 50 56.628N 000 32.048W 38 CDW
Chalford North CFN D Crossroads South side of Eastcombe, East of School. Between Eastcombe and Bussage villages 1nm N of Chalford. 10 SSW Cheltenham 38921 20415 51 44.159N 002 09.460W 660 CFN
Cirencester West CIW C Y Junction Junction East side of Sapperton Village, near Church. N of Kemble ATZ. 10 S Cheltenham 39477 20334 51 43.725N 002 04.625W 549 CIW
Clows Top CTP B Crossroads Crossroads of A456 and B4202 in Village. 12 NW Worcester 37143 27185 52 20.640N 002 25.248W 727 CTP
Carsington Water Visitors Centre CWV A# Visitors Centre. Building Complex on Western Shore of Carsington Water. 2km N of CTA base 4000ft 10 NNW Derby 42415 35159 53 03.661N 001 38.466W 673 CWV
Diddlebury DBY C Church Tower Church Tower at East end of village. SE OF B4368 between Craven Arms and Shipton TPs. 14 S Shrewsbury 35083 28539 52 27.852N 002 43.506W 397 DBY
Edgehill West EDW D Church Church in middle of Whatcote village 6.5k West of Edgehill. Used as Checkpoint in Edgehill Regionals. 9 WNW Banbury 42986 24453 52 05.900N 001 33.928W 262 EDW
Fownhope FHP C Crossroads B4224 Crossroads in centre of village. Between Mordiford and Brockhampton 5 SE Hereford 35781 23455 52 00.468N 002 36.966W 175 FHP
Horam HRM B A267/B2203 Y-Junction Fork in Town. 6km North of Hailsham. 14 WNW Hastings 55773 11736 50 56.047N 000 14.600E 244 HRM
Hope Under Dinmore HUD B Entrance to Railway Tunnel Entrance to Railway Tunnel South of Village. Just W of A49 1km S of junction with A417. 7 N Hereford 35064 25208 52 09.888N 002 43.386W 314 HUD
Halfway Bridge HWB C A272 Junction A272 Junction with Minor Road North to Lodsworth. 1km NE of Polo Fields. Between Midhursh and Petworth. 23 WNW Brighton 49287 12185 50 59.313N 000 40.690W 105 HWB
Kinlet KLT C B4363 Junction with B4194 B4363 Junction with B4194 at Kinlet Village. 6nm W of Kidderminster, 7nm S of Bridgenorth. 16 NNW Worcester 37178 28020 52 25.146N 002 24.984W 418 KLT
Knightwick KWK C Road/River Bridge A44 Bridge over R Teme Near Knightwick Village 6 W Worcester 37347 25577 52 11.970N 002 23.376W 96 KWK
Lasham Aylesfield House LA9 C Country House Large House East of Lasham. Used as Control Point in Competitions. 4 E Lasham 47148 14337 51 11.106N 000 58.723W 600 LA9
Minchinhampton MHT C Church. Centre of Minchinhampton village. 12 SSW Cheltenham 38723 20081 51 42.353N 002 11.175W 554 MHT
Neenton NTN C Church Church at SE end of village by sharp bend in B4364 opposite pub. 9km SW Bridgenorth. 16 SE Shrewsbury 36372 28773 52 29.178N 002 32.142W 574 NTN
Pencombe PCM C Crossroads Cross roads in middle of village. 6km WSW Bromyard. 8 NNE Hereford 35992 25272 52 10.278N 002 35.250W 486 PCM
Pirton PTN C Crossroads Cross roads in centre of Pirton Village. 10k W Great Malvern 5 SSE Worcester 38793 24742 52 07.500N 002 10.662W 130 PTN
Tetbury North TBN B Road Junction A433 Junction with Minor Road, NE Tetbury. R105 to SE. 10 S Cheltenham 39015 19434 51 38.866N 002 08.628W 405 TBN
Tetbury South TBS B Church Centre of Didmarton village near A433. 5nm SW Tetbury. R105 to NE. 20 SSW Cheltenham 38226 18745 51 35.136N 002 15.474W 484 TBS
Tetbury West TBW B# Chavenage House Chavenage Village NW Tetbury. On Edge of R105 to South. 15 S Cheltenham 38720 19519 51 39.322N 002 11.189W 489 TBW
Upper Sapey UPS C Crossroads Cross roads in middle of village on B4203. 9km N of Bromyard. 10 WNW Worcester 36856 26334 52 16.038N 002 27.726W 546 UPS
Wormingford East WME C Reservoir Central of 3 Small Reservoirs. Just E of A134, 6k E of Wormingford A/F. 12 WSW Ipswich 59778 23252 51 57.360N 000 52.617E 125 WME
Wormingford West WMW C Y-junction Centre of South-Easterly of two Y road junctions. 6k W of Wormingford A/F. 17 WSW Ipswich 58663 23100 51 56.771N 000 42.843E 220 WMW