AMENDMENT 24 TO THE 1997 LIST (AL 24/97)


Definitive List. The definitive BGA list including the latest updates and any `Stop Press' items can be accessed through a link from the BGA web site:

Pilot are strongly advised to use the most up-to-date BGA List of Waypoints and not to rely on previous versions.

The list is held at: and can be accessed directly through this web reference.

Responsibilities. The BGA has prepared this data in good faith but takes no responsibility for its accuracy or how it is used, for instance use by pilots in airborne navigation systems. Users are advised to check such data, in particular for proximity to other air activities or areas with airspace restrictions.

Airspace. Points with airspace considerations are identified by the symbols hash (#) and exclamation mark (!). A single hash # warns of proximity to restricted or sensitive airspace (mentioned in the Remarks column), and in Competitions or other Organised Task Groups, task setters should use these points with care.

Points with a double hash ## are particularly sensitive and should only be used if the organisation responsible for the airspace has agreed that the point may be used for the flight; this includes some BGA club sites and nearbyWPs used for starts and finishes.

The exclamation mark symbol (!) is for WPs that are assessed by the BGA Competitions Committee as not suitable for use in Competitions or by other Organised Task Groups. In the complete WP table in Excel format, WPs with #. ## and ! Symbols are in red letters, those with ! have a light pink cell background, so that the Excel "sort" function can be used to separate out these points if required.

Note that these designations are intended to avoid forcing groups of gliders into high-risk / sensitive areas - and so when setting AATs or Distance Handicap Tasks which would not result in a particular concentration of gliders at the actual TP, it could still be reasonable to use these waypoints for organised task groups.


Important factual changes including corrections or changes of grid refs and deletion of points that should no longer be used.

Bidford Finish E BD1 Delete. Competitions only. File will be supplied to competitors as required.
Bidford Finish W BD2 Delete. Competitions only. File will be supplied to competitors as required.
Bicester Airfield Centre BC1 Delete. Used for Bicester Competitions only. Use BIC instead.
Bicester NE BC2 Delete. Start Point for Bicester Competitions, (Alas no more).
Bicester N BC3 Delete. Start Point for Bicester Competitions.
Feltwell FWL Delete for Safety Reasons. In departure/recovery area for Lakenheath and Mildenhall Fast Jets and Heavy Metal. Use new point Methwold (MTD) instead.
Honeybourne HOB Delete. Use new point (Honeybourne Station Bridge) 1.3km to West (HON) instead.
Rivar Hill RIV Change Lat/Long to read N51 20.500 W001 32.566, Exact Point to "Centre of Airfield", Description & Remarks to "Centre of Shalbourne Soaring Society site, 4 NMl S of Hungerford. Alternative point RI2 clear of circuit." and Elevation to 682ft.


This is where descriptions, road numbers or layouts have changed, where heights are corrected, there are changes to # , ##, or ! symbols, or small changes to co-ordinates now that improvements in digital mapping accuracy allow more accurate co-ordinates to be determined.

Balado BDO Add to Description 'Width of runways will depend on how grass has been cut'.
Bicester Control Tower BIC Change Comments to read 'W side of grass airfield, NE side of town. Note: Landing Fees may Apply for Tugs.'
Bidford. BID In Description, replace 'Bidford Soaring Centre' with 'Bidford Gliding & Flying Club'
Brackley South. BRC In Description, replace 'Aquila club' with 'Banbury G.C.'
Great Ashfield. GRF Change Description to read "Remains of Disused A/F, now Chicken Farm. Not Landable, 8 NMl N of Wattisham airfield"
Hinton in the Hedges. HIN In Description, replace 'Aquila club' with 'Banbury G.C.'
Swindon East. SWE Delete #! from BGA Category and "Note Redlands parachuting area to SE and avoid when active." from Description. Redlands now Closed.
Swindon South. SWS Delete # from BGA Category and "Note Redlands parachuting area to SE and avoid when active." from Description. Redlands now Closed.


Name of Point




Detailed Description & Remarks

Dist (NMl)


From Centre of

Grid Ref
Km E/N

WGS84 Lat/Long
Deg/Min/Dec Min



Clodock CDK C# T-Junction Minor road junction in hamlet of Clodock on the east side of the Black Mountains. D147 (Pontrilas) to East. 28 WNW Gloucester 33260 22751 51 56.517N 002 58.917W 410 CDK
East Linton ELT B Road/River Bridge A1/River Tyne Bridge SSW of Town. 18 E Edinburgh 35849 67625 55 58.644N 002 40.009W 115 ELT
Fforest Inn FFI C Y-Junction Junction of A44 and A481 and site of the Fforest Inn. 12km East of Llandrindod Wells. 42 WNW Gloucester 31706 25850 52 13.108N 003 12.925W 1153 FFI
Halton West HA2 D Minor T-Junction Junction with Farm Track in Bishopstone village. 6.5 km West of Halton A/F. Difficult to find. To allow cross country flights to commence in the higher airspace, clear of ATZ, and control point for returning gliders, keeping them clear of the ATZ, and power traffic. 12 WSW Dunstable 48028 21039 51 47.183N 000 50.250W 282 HA2
Honeybourne HON B Rail/Road Bridge A422 Bridge over Rail at Honeybourne Station. 18 W Banbury 41153 24481 52 06.090N 001 49.983W 171 HON
Knighton West KNW C Rail/Road Bridge Railway bridge over B4356, Between Llanbister Road Station and Llangunllo. 10k West of Knighton. 46 NW Gloucester 31881 27217 52 20.496N 003 11.591W 862 KNW
Methwold MTD C Road Junction Road Junction East side of Methwold Village at Junction of B1112 and C41 25 NE Cambridge 57368 29470 52 31.352N 000 33.517E 60 MTD
Middle Wallop MWP A##! Control Tower Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre. Warning: Active Army Air Corp (AAC) Station with ATZ and DZ (activated by NOTAM). N.B. Available Weekends and Public Holidays Only. 10 ENE Salisbury 43021 13899 51 08.963N 001 34.173W 300 MWP
Newchurch NCH C Church Church near B4594 Road Junction in village of Newchurch. 38 WNW Gloucester 32161 25073 52 08.956N 003 08.827W 842 NCH
Newton Stewart NST A Roundabout A75/A714 Roundabout on South Side of Newton Stewart Town. 31 W Dumfries 24127 56454 54 57.008N 004 28.805W 70 NST
Shawbury SHY A##! Runway Intersection 18/36 & 05/23 RAF Shawbury Gliding Club at Active Air Force Station with ATZ. 44 W Derby 35506 32247 52 47.876N 002 40.080W 240 SHY
Wormelow WML C# Y-Junction Northernmost of two junctions between A466 and B4348 in village of Wormelow. D147 (Pontrilas) to West. 20 WNW Gloucester 34921 23029 51 58.127N 002 44.444W 387 WML